A few samples of my past work
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Joe Mathieu Illustrator

A project currently in development, this website is driven by the delightful content and the customer’s long term goals.

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Chromatic Gallerie

A customer-centered redesign of the add to cart flow that addressed several of the brand’s unique business needs.

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Chromatic Gallerie

A data-driven tool to educate customers on shoe fit and help them select the best fitting product for them.



I have 5 years of digital product development experience and 5 years of physical product development experience.

I've had the privilege of working with incredibly talented people on a wide variety of projects, from an internal training website for a government agency to an e-commerce site for a footwear startup, to a professional portfolio website for a prolific children's book illustrator.

Every new project is an opportunity to contribute to the making of something awesome.